Services available

We offer a number of different hardware services to suit the vast majority of your needs, including wired and wireless networking, device setup including phones (iPhone and Android), tablets and smart televisions in the comfort of your own home.

We can also replace the majority of laptop screens and keyboards (subject to availability)

We do not repair phones or tablet devices, although we use trusted third-party suppliers for these kinds of repairs.

Please contact us for pricing or of any services which are not shown below.

Initial assessment

Assess your computer to establish what work may be needed, this is free of charge and we leave it to the customer to decide how to proceed afterwards.

Hard drive mirror/replacement

 Costs vary dependent on issues encountered

Replace faulty or failing hard drive. This includes where possible recovery of data from the original hard drive.

The original drive is returned to the customer.

This does not include the cost of a new drive which is priced separately

Laptop / PC service

Bring your computer back to life with a service; this involves a physical clean as well as optimizing the operating system.

Hardware installation

Install hardware in desktop PC, this can include graphics cards, new motherboards and processors, optional device cards such as USB3 or Serial port card

This can take less than an hour, however minimum charges apply

Virus removal and system check

This can involve an offline virus scan and can be time consuming, however we offer a fixed price for this service. This would include virus removal and further scans.

Worst case scenario for a badly infected device is to re-set to factory settings and perform updates.

Wired and Wireless networking

Dependent on your needs, we can arrange to have a fully wired or wireless network installed on your premises, or can supply, install and configure a variety of networking devices.

 Daily rate (businesses)

We offer our business customers a fixed price based consultancy fee on an 8 hour working day, price on application.

Here’s the important bit, and it’s to ensure we are transparent, the full text can be found in our privacy policy

Our legal obligations and disclosure to law enforcement agencies.

You agree that before we can repair your device, you must supply us with a fully verifiable name and address including a contact telephone number. This information is only kept for as long as legally allowed within the scope of the GDPR regulations and data protection principles. If you cannot supply us with this information, we may decline to offer any or all services.

There may be occasions where information discovered on a customer’s device amounts to a criminal offence either as a victim or as a suspect of crime and we have a legal and moral obligation to disclose this to law enforcement agencies; this may be in various forms and is not limited to:

Indecent images; distribution of indecent images; botnets; hacking; software piracy; malicious communications, preparation of or acts of terrorism. Such devices will be retained for seizure by UK authorities without any form of redress to Loxton IT Solutions.